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Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership

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We conserve and restore tropical rainforests. Our vision is to see zero rainforest deforestation by 2030.

We walk the talk. We work on the ground with the people who live in the rainforest.
We empower local communities to create sustainable economies and conservation areas. By collaborating with every level of government, we also add a layer of legal support that ensures enduring rainforest protection.

Founded on principles of collaboration and respect, we tailor project solutions to the unique needs, culture, and capabilities of each community and their ecosystem. Whether it’s artisan crafts and ecotourism, butterflies and beekeeping, coffee and chocolate, traditional medicine, or protected areas, we deliver the same result: happy people, healthy forests, and a hopeful future.

As part of with this approach we perform biological and social assessments and monitor key species such as the Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey. Fun fact: we’ve recently discovered two new species of frogs!

Half of the world’s rainforests have disappeared within the last 50 years. Rainforests are an essential climate solution, absorbing our carbon dioxide, cooling the climate, giving home to half of Earth’s biodiversity, and sustaining over a billion people with food, freshwater, and medicine.


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