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I saw the need, needed Me.

Hosted by: R.O.C.A.A.T Ministries


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Gwendolyn Bell
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About I saw the need, needed Me.


Everyday the previous summer I drove through my community. I noticed the boys and girls would be just walking the streets. Some sitting out on the side of the road, idle, doing nothing. I had a desire to do something that would be productive. Because I work in the school system I knew first hand about the books that they were required to read during their summer break. Without hesitation, I began to spend the wheels setting up a place for them to read their books and have fun doing it. Four days out of the week they read their books with the help of volunteers. Volunteers help the boys and girls write their summary to be submitted upon returning to school. The Friday of each week was arts and crafts day. After the program was completed each student that completed the program was rewarded with a certificate of completion. The arts and crafts created by the students were put up for sale. Each student got to keep the funds to buy needed school supplies for back to school.Volunteers made it possible for students to feel good about themselves, with excitement to go back to school in the fall, and have fun in the process.

There is no required training at this time. Volunteers are placed with age group that they feel best suited for. Age requirement is 18 and older.

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