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Project Pet Inc

Project Pet Inc

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Project Pet is a 501 (c) (3), privately funded animal rescue organization, established in 2008. Project Pet loves all animals and believes each one deserves a happy and pain free life, but our true love lies with our beloved pit bulls. These innocent dogs have been completely betrayed by human ignorance, and are being killed across the country based on nothing but their looks. Project Pet is dedicated to taking on this massive and sickening problem, one pit bull at a time. We rescue our pitties from New York City’s kill shelters and find them forever homes, no matter what it takes. Some require extensive medical care, others training, while some just need time in a foster home. No matter what our dogs need, we do whatever we can in order to get them ready for their new lives.
We also strive to educate whoever will listen, that pit bulls are just like all other homeless pets and deserve a second chance. We hope for a day very soon when people will stop judging a dog based on their looks, and instead, as individuals, and for a time when people will be held responsible for their animals. Project Pet wants everyone to know our happy little secret: that pit bulls are one of the most affectionate, silly, and snuggly dogs you could ever have the honor of living with.


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