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Project Mother Earth

Project Mother Earth

About Us

Project Mother Earth, is a Non-Profit Organization based in Accra, Ghana with a planned agenda to protect and restore the Earth's capacity to support life, in light of the truth that the Earth's biological systems to provide for human needs is eroding.

WE intend to make this Planet a better place, by protecting the environments so that this planet can be around for a long time, thereby allowing many souls to incarnate onto the planet for our learning experiences in order to attain our evolution or reach the Archetypal Man. We at Project Mother Earth, strongly believe that the Earth is not just a planet sitting in space, its a Living Entity and so we have to start treating it as such. Our mission is to spread the message and to make sure, that goal is attained. Our Mission is to call on everyone to be aware of their responsibilities to Mother Earth, even if its very little to support this movement or any other movement that supports the well being of the Planet in any way they can.

We are all born naked onto the planet, we didn't bring anything here, no bag of air, water, food, clothing, mobile phones, money...we didn't bring anything at all. From day 1, everything we needed for our survival, has been provided for, by this planet. Now to think of all the people who have lived and died, and those yet to be born, we realize that we( the human race) are indeed forever indebted to the Planet. The sum of those who have done something to ensure that the planet is always in a good state is far less than those who just come to live and spend(some even misuse) the earths natural resources and then just go. Due to the negligence of their responsibilities, there are many grim issues like scarcity of natural resources which is about to throw the world into a turmoil if we don't act soon. Please let us join hands and lets save the Planet. Hence, Project Mother Earth is the project for everyone in the world, who feels the need and the calling to stand and fight for the Planet, as in doing that, you are fighting for a place for the other Souls who have not yet been incarnated onto the Planet and it is my stern belief that, Anything or Anyone who created this Planet, will be pleased with the effort which you put into this and will be happy with you for not trying to only take away from the Earth but instead to try replace that which was looted. Project Mother Earth is a Non-Profit Organization with a planned agenda. Our mission is to get everybody, every single person involved in keeping the Planet safe and to help the world in any way we can solve the very serious problem of the extinction of some species and apparently the fast and rapid misuse of our natural resources, which are in all truthfulness are NOT infinite. Everything does have an end, and its our mission to do our best to strengthen the Planet so it can be able to withstand the test against Time. It might sound a bit much for some of us, probably due to our religious, economic and social upbringing, situations and visions in tandem with other factors that we at Project Mother Earth, might not know about. It is our whole intent to get this message across the whole wide world, to press for a consciousness change in the thought pattern of the human race concerning the planet. So its our sincere hope that you are able to decode the true meaning of this message, should it be the case that you are still at odds, please put your focus on the depleting reserves of the natural resources of this 3rd planet from the Sun in our Solar System and do you part to help save it willingly. Thank You.


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Mac Evans Adenyo