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"Every Penny Counts Campaign"

Hosted by: Project Hawai'i, Inc.


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About "Every Penny Counts Campaign"

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"Every Penny Counts Campaign" to Help Homeless Keiki Volunteer Coordinators Wanted Description: Aloha Everyone,
In today's economy is does seem that every penny counts, well it is not different for our homeless keiki programs. Throughout the year we conduct several collections and fundraisers, people can only give their extra penny's. Some apologize saying "that is all I can give" while others wish us good luck and throw in their two pennies.
Well I want to let everyone know that all those penny's really do make a difference, and have collected hundreds of dollars in penny's to help support the needs of our homeless keiki
Project Hawai'i, Inc., is a non-profit organization that runs 100% by volunteers to care for the keiki living in homeless and poverty stricken conditions on both the Big Island and O'ahu. Our goal is to be able to provide them with basic life necessities, nutritious meals and educational programs to help them escape the cycle of poverty within their own lives.
Throughout the year we conduct bi-weekly outreach and deliver supplies and then during the holidays we provide parties, gifts, and other life wonders to help them cope with the stress of being homeless. In the summer we run an award winning teen mentoring program and provide over 200 keiki with all their back to school needs.
These programs are all run 100% by public donations, so every penny really does make a difference.
So, where to do you come in? We are seeking individuals, groups, clubs, classrooms, etc to help us collect penny's to provide the keiki with their monthly basic needs.
This can be conducted in various ways, from having collections, contents, or even just a one day empty your penny's and see what we get day.
The possibilities are endless....unfortunately the donations are not.
So, if you think you would like to put together a collection, we have on line links, as well as other information to get you started.
For example, 100 penny's provides a bottle of shampoo, 50 penny's provides a healthy snack, and it only takes 1,000 penny's to provide a hygiene bag for a family, so you see how they add up...
Requirements: Yes, we have requirements:

Coordinators need to register with us
Be assigned a web link and goal chart
Be able to get others involved, either at work, school, club, etc.
Decide how long you want to run your event, typically 2-3 weeks is great (or it can just be a one day event)
Be able to follow through with the project, and be able to deliver the donations to our office, either at one of our collection sites, via mail, or online.

We need volunteers to help with:

Every Penny Counts Campaign

September 12, 2012 8:00pm
This task is filled or completed
Aloha, we are seeking groups, clubs, and others who are interested in helping us feed the homeless children for the holidays by collecting penny's. visit our site for more details, or email us....

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