We believe that pets help heal, provide love, and bring comfort. It's our heart to have our shelters safe for people and pets. We need fencing and pet houses.

A fundraising campaign for Advocates for Women

Advocates for women is a safe place for women and children; victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking. We provide resources, advocacy, childcare, shelters, and much more.

Our heart to serve our clients better is to make our shelters more pet friendly. To do that we need to add additional fencing in our back yard for the pets, purchase quality pet houses, and have pet food/supplies stocked.

We believe that animals bring comfort, love and even healing. Having pets be able to stay with our clients in our shelter will help them cope with the hardships of their situations. 

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About the Organization

Advocates for Women’s mission is a Northern Idaho faith-based organization whose assistance is available to all individuals and families in our surrounding Counties. We offer hope to women and children in crisis by providing them with guidance, support, advocacy, education and shelter. We have offices in Sandpoint, Spirit Lake, and Priest River; all of our shelters reside in Priest River.

*Free clothing
*Victim Services and Advocacy
*24/7 Crisis Line
*Ongoing Support Groups
*Client Transportation
*Education on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
*Verizon Hopeline Phones
*Paralegal Counsel
*Referrals to Legal Aid
*Ruth’s House Emergency Shelter
*Esther’s House Extended Stay Shelter
*Learning Lab w/ computers for client’s use, tutoring for GED/ABE preparation
*Free tutoring
*Study center for working toward GED/ABE
*Internet access
*Support in writing resumes, searching for jobs, filling out applications and preparing for interviews
*Free Childcare during Learning Lab hours and all...

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