Preschool Photoscreening

Hosted by: Prevent Blindness Mid-Atlantic


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Martha Telford

About Preschool Photoscreening

An MTI Photoscreener is a special camera used to screen the vision of very young or non-verbal children. Prior to the availability of this "special" camera, it was very difficult to effectively detect a potentially serious vision problem in very young children. Most children under the age of 5 are unable to reliably perform the accepted methods of proper vision screening. With the Photoscreener, a specially trained technician takes 2 quick pictures of a child's eyes. All that's required of the child is that they remain still and look at the camera for just a few seconds. Once the picture has been taken, the certified reader can analyze the picture to detect possible signs of a vision disorder, and make the appropriate referrals to an eye care professional.

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