Porkchop’s Phat Farm

Porkchop’s Phat Farm

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The owners and volunteers of Shaw Pit Bull Rescue have noticed an increasing need over the years for fosters or rescues of pot-bellied pigs. It is estimated that about 90% of sold pet pigs end up being surrendered to shelters and sanctuaries, mostly due to uneducated or unprepared owners.

Kenneth Shaw recently acquired a much larger piece of land, and since we will have the separate space, we have decided to EXPAND THE VISION by raising funds to open a pot-bellied pig sanctuary - Porkchop's Phat Farm - on the opposite end of the land.

Porkchop's Phat Farm is a sister-rescue to Shaw PBR; however, they are two separate entities; two separate accounts. Any donations to Shaw PBR will be used for the dogs; and any donations to PCPF will be used for the piggies. You can visit "Where is the Money Going" on our Shaw PBR website; or "Money Matters" to see what monies are coming in or going out of either rescue...total transparency .

Shaw PBR will also be expanding, of course; and the addition of a public dog park and large walking path around the entire property are also in the plans.

No physical interaction between the two rescues will ever be permitted.

Website: http://www.pcphatfarm.org

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