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PGH Equality Center

About Us

The PGH Equality Center, formally the Gay & Lesbian Community Center, is a community center and safe gathering space for the LGBTQIA+ people in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We provide a save, inclusive environment for people to gather to support one another, to learn about issues affecting our communities and a place to access resources such as a computer lab or materials on local support opportunities. Weekly, on Friday nights, we invite youth from 14-18 to come to the center and spend time getting to know themselves, make friends and interact with organizations within the community. Monthly programs such as Townhall meetings and lectures provide participants a change to learn about issues affecting themselves and others as well as providing networking and advocacy opportunities.

Recently, we have rebranded our appearance to demonstrate our commitment to being a community center for everyone. Next in our journey, the PGH Equality Center will be looking to relocate our center from the downtown Pittsburgh area to an area with great accessibility by public transportation as well as abundant parking. We are working hard to locate an inviting and open space so that we can continue to educate, advocate and celebrate our vibrant community.


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Community Advocacy
Social Justice

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Jeffrey Miller