Caring for the Animals

Ever thought about what it takes to care for hundreds of animals? Pets Alive does on a daily basis, feeding & caring for hundreds of cats, dogs & farm animals.

A fundraising campaign for Pets Alive

Animals come to Pets Alive in many different ways.  Sometimes, an owner can no longer care for the animal for a variety of reasons. But in other cases, it's because a good Samaritan came upon an injured and/or lost animal and brought them to us. An injured animal will require immediate medical care. Often even the healthiest of animals is afraid and scared, having lost its owner and is now in a new, strange environment. We also get in very senior animals and now, a dog like Charlie (pictured here) at the age of 12 years old, is facing uncertainty of where his next forever home will be. Farm animals typical  come to us from abusive situations where they were not property cared for and are underweight and malnourished.

The young ones come too. Most will need to be spay or neutered, vaccinated, fed the appropriate puppy or kitten food and socialized.

Your donation today will help these animals in so many ways. Even a few dollars will help. 

Thank you! 

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About the Organization

Pets Alive is a no kill animal rescue operating a facility in Middletown, NY. Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.

Since 2007, we have saved over 6,500 cats, dogs and farm animals and strive to hit 7,000 saves! But we can only do this with partners in our community - people like you who donate to or volunteer for our cause or help in other ways.

Many cats, dogs and farm animals are rescued from our local community and in some cases, we rescue dogs from kill shelters outside our area, saving dogs that would otherwise have been euthanized. Programs like our all-volunteer Improving Adoptability program helped rehabilitate many dogs that eventually found their forever home.

An all-volunteer TNR (Trap-neuter/spay-return) team trapped 93 community cats in the City of Middletown, NY in 2016. The cats were spay or neutered; 44 were taken into our adoption program and the remainder were returned to their colonies.

Twenty-five families in need...

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