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The site, which would have to be actively monitored, would be designed to accumulate a large number of messages from individuals in the Sudanese diaspora and their non-Sudanese supporters and use them to supplement reports from selected public sources and media to put together
1. Accounts of violent events in Sudan that would have a truth status as close as possible to those of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.
2 Data needed to complete needs assessments
3.The info fed into the site would also be edited and rewritten so that it could counter the Sudanese government propaganda and well-spun stories that appear in media throughout the world, esp. in the Middle East and Africa
4. A fourth important purpose of the site would be to act as a kind of expanded Facebook, allowing Sudanese in the Diaspora and inside North and South Sudan to make contact and exchange messages. This might also involve selective encryption, since it is assumed that the (well-equipped, sophisticated, and genocidal) government of Sudan will try to infiltrate it and will likely succeed. Thus the problem of deliberate disinformation needs to be considered by the designer. perhaps by some kind of phased authentication network.
4. A fourth purpose of the site, as you can see by the Sudan Humanitarian Assistance Facility section, would be to facilitate fund transfers (by cell phone or other means) among Sudanese so that aid can be given to those in need and enterprises can be undertaken by the accumulation of start up funds (such as is done by the Kiva system now, which serves all countries).

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