People Against Impaired Driving (PAID)

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People Against Impaired Driving (PAID) is an amazing organization that raises awareness of the critical importance of NEVER driving impaired by ANY of the myriad forms of impairment including drinking, because of an unmanaged medical condition, texting or other forms of electronic distraction, drowsiness, or inattention. PAID is the host of the Cady Tucker Run in the Spirit, a memorial run honoring Cady Tucker, who was killed in a massive three-car head-on collision caused by an insulin-dependent driver who did not manage her blood sugar. Cady, buckled in her seat belt, took the brunt of the crash. Because of lack of awareness, Cady received no emergency medical treatment. ALL proceeds from the Cady Run are used to purchase automated external defibrillators (AEDs) Idaho Falls schools. Traffic fatalities are the leading cause of death of our youth in this country. After every Cady Run, inspiring presentations are given on driver safety and lay CPR/AED training is given by the Idaho Falls Fire Department. The Cady Run raises awareness of the need to be fit to drive safely and being trained and prepared to act in the event of a medical emergency. Help us save lives.


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