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Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association

Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association

About Us

a) Promote legislation with the purpose of developing and maintaining trails
and open space favorably and legally accessible to OHV recreation.
b) Become instrumental and influential in interactions with the public and
private land managers.
c) Defend the OHV community against discriminating legislation and
d) Provide assistance for legislation favorable to trail and open space
e) Inspire and foster camaraderie among motorized OHV users as well as
all recreational trail user groups.
f) Provide a medium for the dissemination of information and knowledge
relating to the OHV industry.
g) Seek and provide educational and programming opportunities for the
proper riding procedures, intelligent safety choices, and the execution of
appropriate environmental decisions.
h) Promote research pertaining to the most desirable maintenance and trail
construction techniques that are sustainable and compatible with the
environmental resources.
i) Own and/or lease property for association uses.


Contact Information

Don McClure S/MARC, LLC
(717) 920-1312