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Pathways To Hope

Pathways To Hope

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Pathways to Hope is committed to making a difference in our communities by changing the lives of individuals and dogs that need our help to make better choices.

Our Cell Dog training programs are community collaborative efforts between ourselves, local shelter and rescue groups and the participating correctional facility. Each partner plays in important role in developing a specialized training program which includes an intensive 4 week Lecture/Demo program for the incarcerated program participants, followed by an 8 to 10 week Basic Obedience program with the selected shelter dogs.

Once the dogs have completed half of their prescribed training curriculum, we identify those who appear ideally suited for an advanced training program after graduation. Those dogs will then participate in a customized program to become service dogs for children afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The other loving canine participants will be lovingly adopted once they complete their Basic Obedience program. (Please see the sections of the individual programs for more information.)


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