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Parents Apart (CCETompkins)

About Us

We are asking for your financial contributions to help keep this important program available to all in our community. Parents Apart®: is a six-hour workshop certified by the New York State Parent Education & Awareness Program, taught by trained mental health professionals with additional presentations by local attorneys (who volunteer their time!).This workshop focuses on the emotional reaction of children to their parents' separation or divorce and methods parents can use to help make the transition easier for children. We offer scholarships which range from reducing to completely waiving the fee. Funding comes from participant fees which continually fall short of operating costs. Offered once a month, year round, Parents Apart® is attended by participants from wide ranging economic circumstances, including 1/2 to 2/3 being Tompkins County Family Court referrals, with ~130 parents attending each year. We welcome/encourage all parents of all income levels to attend Parents Apart®. From the financial perspective it is a challenge to keep the program running.

Parents Apart® covers the following topics:

~~~ Promotion of healthy parenting practices to help children by teaching parents

listening skills and conflict management.

~~~ Avoidance of common pitfalls parents experience during separation and/or divorce.

~~~ Discussions of mediation, collaboration, among other legal options open to families.

~~~ Exploration of the legal resources available.

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