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The Paramount Theatre has been the "Gem of Aurora" since its opening in 1931. Its opulent Art Deco interior, perfect acoustics, and reputation for presenting excellent shows has made the theatre the most popular destination in downtown Aurora.

In 2011, the Paramount made the bold decision to begin producing Broadway shows for the first time in its history. Artistic Director Jim Corti was hired to take the helm of the series; scene and costume shops were opened, auditions began, and a leap of tremendous faith was taken.
The Broadway Series has drastically changed Aurora’s downtown; store fronts that were vacant are open again, once empty apartments now have eager tenants on waiting lists, new restaurants are opening to serve the 350,000 Paramount visitors each year, and additional housing has been springing up throughout the vicinity of the theatre.

Since Broadway began, the Paramount's attendance has increased by 548%, and the subscriber base has increased by 6,348%!

Support for the Broadway Series is ESSENTIAL in allowing the theatre to continue to produce award-winning Broadway Musicals for years to come. Ticket sales only cover 70% of the overall cost. Thank you for supporting the Paramount Theatre and the Broadway Series.


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