Tunnel of Oppression

Hosted by: P.U.M.P.-up: Philadelphia University Mentoring Program


April 6, 2013


Past Opportunity


Megan Trasport
(215) 951-2634

This is a past opportunity

About Tunnel of Oppression

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I would love to put together a room for the Tunnel of Oppression for Unity Week, so I created this event to see who all would be interested in helping me create one. I want to do something dealing with education, focusing on different groups/populations that are denied an education for one reason or another. I would need help doing research, generating ideas for how to set it up, actually setting it up/taking it down, and anything else associated with doing a room.
If you are interested, please sign up for this event and I will contact you about meeting to discuss how we can move forward with planning a room. Thank you!

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