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Our Lady of the Poor Conference of St. Vincent de Paul (Idaho Falls)

Our Lady of the Poor Conference of St. Vincent de Paul (Idaho Falls)

About Us

Since its inception in February 1995, the assistance that St. Vincent de Paul has provided to the needy in southeast Idaho has grown from giving help to just a few individuals per month to that of providing $123,350.05 through our Christian Ministries, $28,000 through the Christmas Basket Program, 65,502 meals, and Thrift Store goods with a retail value of $16,990.90, in 2018 alone. In addition, St. Vincent de Paul’s FREEMED program saved its clients an estimated $2,000,000 in 2018.
Today the Thrift Store sales pay for salaries of the store employees and covers the costs of the facility which houses the pantry and Christian Ministries, and returns $8000 per month back to Christian Ministries each month. All board members are volunteers. One hidden benefit of the Thrift Store is that it also provides a source of very inexpensive goods and clothing to those who do not ask for help but nevertheless cannot afford much for such goods. We also provide for some training for retail store clerks in handling sales transactions, restocking, and displaying goods.


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Poverty and Hunger
Homelessness & Housing
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