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Our Children's Blessing

Our Children's Blessing

About Us

Our Children’s Blessing is a non-profit organization founded by a group of couples who all experienced the tragedy of losing a child. The Bonifield family’s beautiful daughter, Evelyn, passed away at the age of 11 days. The McGehee family lost their precious child, Harrison, when they were 21 weeks pregnant, and the Stout family lost their dear Lainey at 8 months of pregnancy.

When a child dies, at any age, it is devastating. With this tragedy, a family not only suffers emotional pain but also a financial burden. Most families do not possess the finances to cover the funeral costs, hospital bills, and the myriad other expenses. Many people fall deep into debt and depression, and it can become so overwhelming that they feel like there will never be a brighter day.

Our Children’s Blessing was created to help provide support during a family’s time of need, both financially and emotionally. We know there are many families who need assistance, but they do not know where to turn. Our Children’s Blessing wants to not only contribute funds, but also offer information necessary to regaining a normal life and to cope with the stress, heartache, and empty feeling associated with deep loss. No one should ever feel alone after the death of their child. Whether you require financial assistance or simply need to speak with someone who has experienced grief like you, Our Children’s Blessing is here.


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