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Opportunity DeKalb

About Us

Mission & Objectives

Opportunity DeKalb is a local community development nonprofit with a mission to lead and sustain the transformation of DeKalb’s Annie Glidden North (AGN) Neighborhood in collaboration with other community partners. We are pursuing both short and long-term goals within four themes: enhancements to transportation, infrastructure, and open space; additions to community services; improvements to neighborhood safety and security; and the improvement of housing quality and commercial opportunities. 

About the AGN Initiative

Opportunity DeKalb is a relatively new organization, but its initiative to transform the AGN Neighborhood has been alive for several years. Many of Opportunity DeKalb's board members served on the city's Annie Glidden North Task Force. Task Force members were adamant that the 2018 final report would not sit on a shelf, vowing that AGN revitalization bears the importance of long-term commitment to implement Task Force recommendations. In February 2020, Opportunity DeKalb was established to fulfill this vow. 

Project Milestones

Opportunity DeKalb is proud to have built a collaboration with so many businesses and organizations committed to AGN revitalization. Together, we have already achieved some important improvements for the AGN Neighborhood:

1. Together with the DeKalb Park District in 2019, our 'Transportation, Infrastructure, and Open Space' group led efforts to support an $800,000 revitalization of Welch Park.
2. In 2019, our 'Community Services' group became an official supporter of the University Village Collaborative program.
3. Improved street lighting, police security cameras at intersections, and increased security cameras in many apartment complexes are improving neighborhood security.
4. The new city transit system launched with early morning hours to help AGN residents reach jobs in industrial parks.
5. Among other projects, we are working with city and county engineers to install a sidewalk segment on Dresser Road as a way to provide AGN residents with a safe, walkable path to the County's Health Department. 

What It's All About

We envision that the Annie Glidden North Neighborhood will be a highly desirable and economically thriving area for all residents to live, learn, work, and play in a vibrant location of visitors from across the community.

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We Care About

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