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Opportunity Center for the Homeless

Opportunity Center for the Homeless

About Us

Our mission is to help adults, veterans, families, and elderly and frail individuals who are experiencing homelessness by providing them a safe place to sleep for as many nights as needed, 3 meals a day, access to showers, free medical services, lockers, clothing, and above all the support they need while finding options to get a new home or staying protected under our care.
Anyone experiencing homelessness in the Paso del Norte region can come to our facilities year-around and receive services by walk-in or referral through Texas 211. We are here to support our program participants as they work to regain housing, some of them might need us for only one night, while others need help for years. Every individual facing homelessness is different as well as their needs.No matter how long we serve and support someone, we do it with the utmost respect, dignity, and care.
Each year we serve over 276,000 meals in our kitchens, and over 137,000 nights of lodging are provided in our housing facilities. We estimate that we serve an average of 1,730 individuals through emergency shelters, alone. We truly appreciate your support!


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Homelessness & Housing
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Aracely Lazcano
915-577-0069 ext. 329