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One Valley Inc.

One Valley Inc.

About Us

One Valley is an environmental, educational, and civil rights non-profit founded in 2014 in Roanoke, Virginia
Our mission statement is: β€œTo create an inclusive community that celebrates both diversity and commonality with opportunities for all to learn and prosper.” Our vision is:
1. To lift and unite our entire Valley community through the following educational and environmental actions: Creation of sustainable community-centered institutions such as the George Washington Carver Environmental Education Center, including
a. Support for urban farming community gardens like the Star City Food Systems project, and other activities that promote healthy living and food accessibility,
b. Demonstration and implementation of local storm water management stewardship options and opportunities,
c. Continuation of community conversations that address underlying racism in our valley,
d. Provision of job-training opportunities to raise Northwest Roanoke economically, and
e. Promotion of alternative energy, green infra- structure, and technologies that link communities.
2. The forging of partnerships with businesses, local governments, educational institutions, faith based entities, and other non-profits in the creation of a valley-wide corridor of lifelong learning.”


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