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One Life

About Us

Imagine experiencing a sudden job loss, divorce, a rise in the cost of rent, a health crisis or changes in the circumstances of life. If we haven’t been there, we certainly know someone who has. These situations can happen to anyone. For most of us we have a safety net; a family who we can reach out to or some other means of support. But in the case of our clients, that safety net does not exist. One Life becomes the safety net.

We are there for the moms and dads who are worried that their family won’t have the food needed to make it through the week. We are there for the veterans, the seniors, the disabled, whose benefits don’t last till the end of the month. We are also there for their pets providing the food they need so they can keep giving them the comfort they need. We are also a safety net to our clients that are living on the street. At One Life we believe everyone should have access to the basic life necessity of healthy food.

As an organization that runs totally on private donations and on volunteer staff, we need your help to feed people in Clark County Washington.

Our programs include a shopping style food pantry, an on site garden, and nutrition education classes. For more information on our programs please visit our website


We Care About

Poverty and Hunger
Health and Wellness

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Andrea Walker
360 904-1273