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On Point for College

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On Point for College guidesyoung men and women along the often daunting road through
college, including the application process, with mentoring, one-on-one counseling, transportation, clothing grants, college supplies, last dollar grants for textbooks and security deposits, workforce transition, and
on-campus visits to all NY state colleges every semester. Without support dreams can falter under adversity.

On Point for College Inc.’s Mission: To open the door to higher education for inner city youth; to break down the barriers that hinder potential students from entering college; and to provide support that empowers them to succeed.

On Point for College provides hope that college is possible and the support to ensure that young adults can enroll and succeed in college. We live in a land of promise. But if you don’t know someone from your neighborhood or someone from your family who went to college, you simply think that it is not in the cards for you. Low-income, first-generation young adults are often stopped by obstacles that are unimaginable: assistance with college applications or financial aid forms, no car to visit a college campus, the lack of funds for an enrollment fee, housing deposit, a backpack, bedding, clothes or textbooks. With the help of 160 volunteers we traveled 190,000 miles last year to visit our students at all NYS colleges and provides rides on vacations. Since 1999 we have enrolled 3,800 students in 216 colleges and universities and guided 650 to college graduation. In the last year we have launched the program in Utica, NY and assisted two NYC community centers (Goddard Riverside and New Settlement Apartments) to replicate our college success services. We also now help our students find summer and permanent jobs.

Website: http://www.onpointforcollege.org/

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