Help Kids who are Blind meet Della the Blind Seal

Help our students who are blind and visually impaired have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to meet Della the blind grey seal at the Aquarium of Niagara.

A fundraising campaign for Olmsted Center for Sight

 The Olmsted Early Education Program is a unique program for children with visual impairments and other disabilities. We offer services in our integrated and center-based classrooms, as well as in the community. Children with visual impairments and other disabilities learn about the world in ways other than watching, and the Olmsted Early Education Program is a special place where they can learn and grow – by listening, touching and trusting.

Della is a 25 year old blind gray seal that was rescued off the coast of Delaware – which is how she got her name – and she now calls the Aquarium Niagara her home. 
We need your help to allow our students to have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to meet a wild animal that shares their disability. 

With your help, our students will have a chance to interact with Della, and even pet and feed her! The aquarium’s mission is to promote education and conservation by giving the public the chance to see animals they may not normally encounter. Meeting Della would be an educational and thrilling encounter that our students would never forget! 

Donate now to help pay for the transportation to get our students to the Aquarium of Niagara, and also to pay for the cost of admission for the students and teachers. You can help our kids create a memory that will last a lifetime! 


Because Della is blind, her trainers act as her eyes, and Della has been working with the aquarium’s team of six animal trainers to navigate her new home. Della’s hearing is acute because she can’t rely on her sight, and she responds to tactile or verbal cues instead of hand gestures, and follows verbal prompts without hesitation!

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About the Organization

Olmsted Center for Sight

Olmsted Center for Sight serves over 2,500 clients each year in Western New York through a wide variety of vision services.

For over 100 years we have served individuals who are blind and visually impaired and those with other physical challenges by helping them live independently without barriers.

Our mission is to help people achieve their highest level of independence.

Olmsted Center for Sight is recognized as a Center of Excellence for children and adults who are blind and visually impaired by promoting independence, empowerment, inclusion and hope.