Scholarships for Blind Women Rising Strong™

Wholehearted living is within sight. Breaking barriers and realizing potential together. Retreat for women who are blind in Park City, Utah, June 21-25.

A fundraising campaign for Oasis Center for Hope

Coping with loss is difficult and often isolating.  Spending time with people who relate and who don't judge or shame you is critical to accepting and living with loss.  For women living with blindness, an empowering, integrated program now exists to help them face their challenges and embrace life thanks to the Oasis Center for Hope.  This non-profit provides dynamic retreats led by licensed therapists:  Becky Andews, LCMHC, Nicole Wall, LCMHC, CDWF, and Lisa Bradford, LCSW; for women ready to explore vulnerability and live each day with renewed confidence.  But sometimes, like living with a disability, there are barriers to receiving help.  Sometimes the only thing preventing a woman from learning to live a meaningful life again is a financial barrier.  Today, you can be the one to remove this barrier with a tax-deductible donation to the Oasis Center's Scholarship Fund.  Every dollar raised allows more women to engage in this safe, empowering environment.  Wholehearted living is contagious.  The impact of the retreat on a woman's life spreads to her family, her friends, her community and beyond.  All details are at:

Break down barriers.  Make an impact.  Donate today.  

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About the Organization

To empower, support, and educate individuals, families and communities who are experiencing a loss.

Oasis Center for Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.