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O'Connor House - SpeakOut AZ

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O'Connor House convened a coalition of 50 organizations in 2011 to collaborate as partners in an effort to elevate Arizona into the Top 10 States in Civic Health over the coming years. The group, eventually named SpeakOut AZ, chose to focus on voter participation for the 2012 election year as a catalyzing agent for building a large network of public and private organizations. Together, they determined that sustainable change would not only require the involvement of many organizations but a network of regional and local teams committed to increasing civic health. The coalition grew to nearly 200 Partners, many with a statewide reach, and Teams evolving in five counties. SpeakOut AZ also includes an iCivics Team focusing on promoting Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's vision for equipping youth to be well-informed participants in the democratic process by providing an engaging online education tool (iCivics) to boost civic knowledge.

Website: http://www.speakoutaz.org

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