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NSS, Inc. began in March 2017 as a food assistance program for elderly/disabled residents of the Davenport Dunbar Residences, a H.U.D.-sponsored facility in Hamden. During the time between Spring 2017 and Spring 2021, the program grew to serve over 200 individuals per month. NSS, Inc. became a 501c3 nonprofit in 2020 and presently serves the elderly/disabled persons in the Hamden Housing Authority (HHA), another H.U.D.-sponsored site, in addition to continually providing food assistance to Davenport residents. These two facilities represent a total of 590 elderly/disabled inhabitants of Hamden who live in poverty and could ask for and receive food assistance. H.U.D.-sponsorship does not allow for funding or staff support for food programs, even though this government agency recognizes that people living in these facilities have serious food insecurity. The burden of food assistance for these needy individuals descends to outside operations and funding by outside agencies such as NSS. Inc.
NSS, inc. is a totally volunteer non-profit dedicated to providing vulnerable people with nutritious food to alleviate food insecurity and foster health and well-being.
A new development in NSS programs is the initiation of a Special Care Food Assistance Program (SCFAP) for individuals living in poverty with medical conditions requiring dietary aspects for treatment for those conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, blood lipid disorders, renal impairments, compromised immunity). The special dietary program was attempted at Massachusetts General Hospital's food pantry prior to ensuing pandemic months, as special dietary needs are not met with current established Senior Nutrition Programs.
This program does not include dietary counseling, only food supplies necessary for these individuals to comply with dietary recommendations from their health professionals (see attached sample two-week SCFAP package, $12.50). Deliveries will be made under partnership with Interfaith Care Givers if funding permits.
During the current COVID-19 pandemic, hunger and massive food insecurity developed. One of the responses to alleviate basic human need vulnerability is to increase the enrollment and benefits under SNAP. NSS is developing workshops for instructing individuals on maximizing SNAP benefits through careful budgeting over the month’s allotments. These workshops are targeting social workers who enroll individuals on SNAP, as well as other workshops aimed for SNAP recipients who shop with their SNAP cards. The content of these workshop sessions will provide strategies for selective food shopping from 'specials' at local grocers, listed in weekly flyers and meal planning according to available food supplies. These sessions will be held at community centers in within senior neighborhoods.


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