Champions of Education

Join us as Champions of Education! Learn more at or by calling 1-844-GO NEKLS (466-3557).

Make an exponential difference

Spreading awareness is a great way to help support our cause.

    NEKLS offers education and educational support and has programs that, when put together, attend to the educational needs of all ages. One program, Children's Integrated Services (CIS) serves children prenatal to 8. The Tutorial program works with children in grades K-12. The Adult Education and Literacy programs work with those 16 years of age and up, helping people get high school diplomas or GEDs, assisting with job readiness skills and applications, teaching basic computer skills, helping people transition to college, and assisting people with English as a Second Language. NEKLS accomplishes all of this through 5 learning centers around the NEK, CIS staff visiting homes, daycares and the like, and a "mobile lab" that carries computers and staff where they are needed.

    Donating on November 29th will support such activities as providing developmental resources for young children who need support to be ready for school or to succeed in school, buying books for tutorial students, or providing materials or support for adult learners.

About the Organization

Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, Inc. (NEKLS)

It is our mission to inspire and empower learners, birth and beyond. It is our vision for a community of lifelong learners, reaching their full potential.

We value nurturing team, family and community relationships. We cultivate and celebrate growth and learning and engage in genuine and transparent communication. We advocate with passion and determination and we embrace and drive change. We model humility and kindness. We creatively do more with less and...impossible is our favorite kind of possible!