Light Up the Opera House!

Our 20 year old lighting system is on it's last leg. Phase one of this campaign will allow us to replace the infrastructure and literally keep our lights on!

A fundraising campaign for Newport Opera House Association

Make an exponential difference

Spreading awareness is a great way to help support our cause.

Through the last 40 years, the Newport Opera House Association (NOHA) has brought cultural, theatrical and musical events to Newport and the surrounding communities.  Though the Town of Newport owns and maintains the building, NOHA owns and maintains all the theatrical equipment used not only for NOHA-produced events, but also for local events produced by schools, outside groups and private events.  Our lighting system, which is over 20 years old, is failing.  It's so old that finding and procuring parts to keep it operational has become difficult and expensive.  A new lighting system will not only literally keep our theatrical lights on, it will save us money and labor.  Our current system is cumbersome to control, and replacing parts and light bulbs is a large expense.  Our new system will allow us to more easily created dazzling lighting effects and with LED lights, will save us money on bulbs, gels,  and labor.  Help us complete Phase 1 of our "Light Up the Opera House" Capital Campaign, which will help us replace the infrastructure of our lighting system.  Follow up phases will allow us to slowly replace our entire lighting system.  All funds donated here will go exclusively to the fund for our new lighting system.

About the Organization

Newport Opera House Association

The Newport Opera House Association was originally founded to restore and maintain the historic Opera House as a center for the arts and humanities for the community of Newport. The purpose of the N.O.H.A is to provide cultural opportunities for Newport and the surrounding area by presenting and sponsoring events and performances such as Concerts, Dances, Films, Lectures, Variety Shows, Plays, Musicals, Talent Shows and Community Fairs, and providing opportunities for the public to directly participate in the creation/production of cultural events.