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Pronghorn Friendly Fence Projects

Hosted by: National Parks Conservation Association


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Stephanie Adams

About Pronghorn Friendly Fence Projects


Despite being the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere, pronghorn antelope are not built to jump. Instead, pronghorn prefer to crawl underneath fences, but cannot do so if the bottom wire is too close to the ground. Faced with a fence barrier, pronghorn often turn back, effectively ending their critical seasonal migration north and west of Yellowstone. Without the ability to migrate to milder habitat, pronghorn face a host of threats including decreased genetic diversity, poor forage in the winter months, and a reduced chance of surviving the winter.

Since 2010, National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) has partnered with private landowners, public land managers, community volunteers and students from across the country to restore migration routes for Yellowstone pronghorn north and west of the park.

We hope you will consider joining us on a fence modification project this summer!


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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  • Tradesman

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  • The outdoors
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