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Donor Mom Coordinator / Depot Coordinator

Hosted by: Mothers' Milk Bank of Mississippi


Ongoing Opportunity


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Linda Pittman, RN, BSN

About Donor Mom Coordinator / Depot Coordinator


PART TIME POSITION: 20 hours/week
Flexible schedule

VOLUNTEER POSITION (Could turn into paid position when budget allows hiring)


1. Knowledge of medical terminology
2. Understanding of patient confidentiality
3. Good interview skills
4. Basic computer skills

General description of daily activities:

1. Calls potential donor moms to complete their over the phone initial interview
2. When mom passes this interview, mails Donor Mom Packet to her – including the appropriate lab slip
3. Assign mom a donor number
4. Documents that packet was mailed and which lab slip was included
5. Make a file folder for donor mom
6. Place her file in secured file drawer
7. Check mail daily for return packets
8. Check Fax daily for lab results – place these in the moms file
9. Mail request for medical records to Healthcare Providers she lists
10. Check mail daily for returned HCP forms and place in mom’s file
11. Once ALL paperwork is completed and lab reports are back, place files in Medical Director’s office for review.

Additional activities:

1. Call each donor mom at 2 month intervals as long as she is active
2. Document calls
3. Enter all data into Timeless Tracking System
4. Keep Donor Mom Packets updated and ready for mailings
5. Communicate with Labs regarding supplies (lab slips)
6. Recruit new donors – attend Health Fairs to exhibit for Milk Bank


1. Be liaison between Depots/Collection sites and Milk Bank
2. Ship/Mail supplies as needed
3. Assist in Opening New Sites
4. Coordinate shipments of milk from outlying depots to milk bank.

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