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Volunteers for Africa Mental Retardation program

Hosted by: Moses Bombo Tambason


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About Volunteers for Africa Mental Retardation program

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Since Liberia got her independence from the United States in the 1800, there has been no full time support services for people with special needs in the African country of Liberia. People with mental retardation, the blind and crippled/disabled people have no support system. They are neglected, abused and abandoned by people. Many of them are chained, beating and left to fetch for themselves. The women are usually raped and they eat from dump sites, trash cans, and sleep in the open under beaches, breaches and street corners. I thought this was normal when I was in Africa. I came to the United States in 1999 as a refugee due to the 14 years of brutal civil war in my country that killed more than 250,000 people comprising mostly children, women and the elderly. Upon my arrival, I saw that people with special needs are treated with respect and given full life time support. In fact I have work in the human services supporting people with special needs from the year of my arrival to this date as I write. My perception, view, knowledge and experience regarding people with special needs have changed dramatically. The condition in which people with special needs in my African country of Liberia has troubled my heart and my spirit to the point that I have decided to change their condition by providing full life time support to people with special needs in Liberia. I have founded a charity call Tambasons Global Human Services Inc. to provide them with food,clothing,medical,housing and empowerment etc. I have no financial means to support this huge project so I am looking for volunteers and asking for support from people of good way like you to support my charity with new/used clothing, foot wears, household materials, transportation, educational materials etc so that my charity can provide them support with clothing, foot wears, food, medical assistance, housing, transportation etc. I am therefore asking you to volunteer with my charity where ever you live or to be a sponsor for TGHS mental health program in Liberia. You will be volunteering to solicit or asking people to donate to us their used or new clothing, foot wears, can food, household materials and money. People can also mail their donation to us or we can pick them up from anywhere in the World .People can also Mail their donation to Tambasons Global Human Services Inc, P.O.Box 8957,Philadelphia PA 19135 USA or simply let us know what one has to offer and we can schedule pick up from anywhere around the World. Please find below some useful information on Tambasons Global Human Services Inc of which you are a part as of today.

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