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Moses Bombo Tambason

Moses Bombo Tambason

About Us

Tambasons’ Global Human Services (TGHS)

Mission Statement:
1. Our mission is to advocate, educate, serve and provide leadership to people with mental health, behavioral health, poverty and rehabilitation services in partnership with others, to prevent disability, build resilience in people and their communities, and support recovery for people whose lives have been affected by poverty ,illness, war, abuse, neglect, drugs, imprisonment, intellectual disability or other developmental disabilities, or substance.

Vision statement
Tambasons Global Human Services is to advocate for individuals whose lives have been affected by mental health, poverty, Illness, war, abuse, neglect, intellectual disability, homelessness, drugs, social behavior in the United States and Liberia. TGHS vision is to educate the general public about the condition of the affected individuals and groups in Liberia and the United States so as to gain knowledge and provide support and quality of life without discrimination in the communities they live. TGHS vision is to provide services on a need basis to individuals and groups affected such as rehabilitation, training, housing, community integration, health services, shelter services, social services, employment services, legal services, youth services, children services, educational services, adult services, women services in Liberia and the United Stated States. TGHS vision is to work with and be implementing partner with both local, state, national and international support groups in government and private sector including foundations, sponsors, donors, ngos, religious organizations, development organizations, individuals, religious organizations


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Poverty and Hunger
Health and Wellness
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Moses Bombo Tambason