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Inspired by a loving Creator, Mom's House empowers economically disadvantaged single parents to complete their education by providing FREE licensed childcare in an environment that nurtures both parent and child. Studies show the most effective strategy in helping single parent families succeed is through academic accomplishment coupled with the provision of an active emotional support system, both of which are the focus of Mom's House and have been for the past 28 years.
In addition to free quality childcare while parents are enrolled in school full-time, these single parent families receive food and clothing donations, encouragement, love and emotional support. Each parent must maintain passing grades, complete three hours of service time at Mom's House every week and five hours of fundraising time per semester. To further guarantee success, parents must attend once-a-month workshops held at our facility on a variety of topics that help them gain valuable parenting and professional skills.
Mom's House has helped several hundred single parents complete their education. These achievers are now working in professions such as nursing, education, computer science, dental hygiene, business, etc. They are financially independent and are providing a brighter future for themselves and their children.


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