Help us give outdoor chained dogs a better life.

As the weather gets colder, we want to do more to help outdoor dogs who receive services at the Big Fix Clinic. Help us keep them warm, happy & dry this winter.

A fundraising campaign for Mississippi Spay And Neuter

Outdoor chained dogs often live a very poor quality of life- lacking freedom to roam and exercise, while being exposed to harsh weather extremes. While we work to improve current Mississippi laws to forbid the long-term chaining of dogs, we hope to make the lives of these dogs a little better in the meantime.

With a grant from the Petco Foundation, we will be able to provide free spay/neuter services to these dogs to prevent more animals born into the streets. 

With your help, we would like to raise $2,000 in order to spread some holiday cheer to at least 15 outdoor chained dogs in the City of Jackson with the following items if they need them:

A safe and sturdy aerial dog run and tether: average $50 each 

A dog house to provide protection from the elements : average $60 each

A self-warming crate mat for the winter months: $10

A collar: $10 each

Please share this fundraiser with your friends and family! If you are interested in building dog houses, fences, and/or donating any of these items directly, please get in touch: 

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About the Organization

Mississippi Spay And Neuter

Mississippi Spay and Neuter's goal is to end pet overpopulation in the state of Mississippi. We envision a world where there are no homeless dogs and cats suffering in the streets, but instead, a world where every dog and cat has a loving home.

When MS SPAN was formed in Gulfport in 2005, it was the first organization in the United States to provide comprehensive statewide coverage for spay and neuter initiatives. Since then we helped subsidize more than 28,000+ surgeries through our voucher program, the Big Fix and Little Fix Rigs as well as another 27,000+ surgeries through our 7-year-old pet sterilization program at the Big Fix Clinic. Our spay/neuter initiatives help proactively to fight Mississippi’s dire pet overpopulation problem. Please help us make a difference!