Help us give outdoor chained dogs a better life.

As the weather gets colder, we want to do more to help outdoor dogs who receive services at the Big Fix Clinic. Help us keep them warm, happy & dry this winter.

A fundraising campaign for Mississippi Spay And Neuter

Outdoor chained dogs often live a very poor quality of life- lacking freedom to roam and exercise, while being exposed to harsh weather extremes. While we work to improve current Mississippi laws to forbid the long-term chaining of dogs, we hope to make the lives of these dogs a little better in the meantime.

With a grant from the Petco Foundation, we will be able to provide free spay/neuter services to these dogs to prevent more animals born into the streets. 

With your help, we would like to raise $2,000 in order to spread some holiday cheer to at least 15 outdoor chained dogs in the City of Jackson with the following items if they need them:

A safe and sturdy aerial dog run and tether: average $50 each 

A dog house to provide protection from the elements : average $60 each

A self-warming crate mat for the winter months: $10

A collar: $10 each

Please share this fundraiser with your friends and family! If you are interested in building dog houses, fences, and/or donating any of these items directly, please get in touch: 

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