Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services, Inc.

About Us

The mission of Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services is to provide education, life skills training and workforce development instruction for adult learners in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect. Learners are inspired and empowered to enrich their lives and their communities.

Learning. We believe that the learning journey is a critical equalizing force and a unique element of the human experience.

Community. We enrich our community through a commitment to service and collaboration, thereby benefiting all stakeholders.

Empowerment. We believe that education is a human right and the vehicle that empowers our community to achieve new heights.

Integrity. We strive to uphold and model the values of honesty, trust, and accountability in ourselves and our organization.

Diversity. Our allegiance to our community embraces all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds: Learning is for everyone.

Stewardship. We are committed to the responsible and progressive stewardship of all assets and resources that are entrusted to us to fulfill our mission.


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Poverty and Hunger


Social Justice

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