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Preserving the voices of our Military and their Families to preempt the brutal stresses & invisible wounds of Military life

Honoring the service of all our United States Armed Forces, who protect our way of life, by honoring the ability of their voices to preempt their own extreme stresses.

Military Family Voices is not a "messaging service" but rather a far more lasting and enduring voice preservation service. MFV preserves their voices for their comfort, now and forever.

MFV is a very personal, high quality voice audio recording service to preserve their Loved One’s voices. These recordings are provided by caring and appreciative Civilians, Corporations and Organizations at no charge to our United States Armed Forces Military Personnel and Families (Active, Discharged, Retired, Reserve, Veterans) in meaningful and lasting honor of their commitment, risks and sacrifices to protect us all. These recordings can be life-changing and used all their lives and by their posterity.

These high quality audio recordings help to mitigate the extreme stresses brought on by relentless separations and the brutally constant presence of harm's way in Military life. In that way, these recordings can importantly help to preempt the disconnections, disorientations, distractions and debilitations brought on from long exposures to these stresses.

MFV gives them the highly detailed audio-recorded voices of those they love; so, they can listen to them whenever and as often as they need those reassurances and grounding relevancies in their lives.

All their lives, the stresses they face, or faced, because of their Military service can lead to Soldiers and Families reacting to those experiences and dangers in quiet or obviously destructive ways. This cycle of building stress on stress, if not calmed, can make their experiences even more brutal. Fortunately, they can use these voice recordings to possibly help stop those stresses from snowballing.

That is why Military and Families like the recordings. They can play them and revisit their positive personal bonds and influences any time they feel the need, regardless of the amount of and type of direct contact they have with their Loved Ones. We don't tell them how or when to use the recordings. They just use them when they need to, throughout their lives. Using these voice recordings can result in less fear, less stress and diminished feelings of distance and detachment. They hear the preserved voices of those they care about and feel connected and relevant.

Military Family Voices preserves for them: their children’s growing changing voices, their unborn baby’s hiccups or heartbeat, their parents and grandparents, their spouses, friends and buddies, their pets, and generally the sounds that influence their lives and that keep them connected firmly to life.


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