Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse

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The Clubhouse is a community-based day program for people who need continued development after their initial therapy has completed or has been reduced. There are 22 Clubhouses for brain injury worldwide. All facilities follow standards set by the International Center for Clubhouse Development and our Clubhouse is accredited by CARF (Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

MBIC has a 17 year track record of consistently providing empowering community based services. Its dependable and respected reputation has developed a network of support comprised of resilient professionals committed to developing sustainable solutions for the members and the organization as a whole. The community's commitment and staff dedication was most evident this last year where MBIC programming continued to go uninterrupted throughout the Illinois Budget Impasse despite funds from the TBI Medicaid Wavier previously accounting for 80% of its revenue. Many similar organizations were forced to cut portions of their programming or shut down all together and have left numerous Illinois citizens without necessary resources.

Website: http://www.mbiclubhouse.org

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