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Mercy Delta Express-Cary Christian Center

Mercy Delta Express-Cary Christian Center

About Us

The story of Cary Christian Center began in 1971 with Dr. Peter Boelens, a pediatrician with a heart of missions and burden for serving the poor. He had become aware of the significant needs in the southern Mississippi Delta and was led to open a practice in the poorest area of the United States- serving Sharkey and Issaquena counties and areas of the surrounding counties. He knew that the infant mortality rate was the highest in the nation. He felt drawn to begin his work in rural Cary, Mississippi on Highway 61.

Cary is located 37 miles from Vicksburg and eight miles south of Sharkey County seat at Rolling Fork. The original clinic, in a mobile home on Highway 61 was destroyed in a tornado after the first year. A small school building and grounds, abandoned during integration, was available. It was also tornado damaged but was remodeled by volunteers into a very adequate facility.

Over the years, ministries were added, each based on real needs in the community. The first of these programs were related to medical needs. Eventually, they addressed the needs of the whole person and family. What had started as a clinic eventually became Cary Christian Center, a multi-faceted ministry with services directed to the needs of the Mississippi Delta


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