Mental Health Association of Oregon

Mental Health Association of Oregon

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Mental Health Association of Oregon is an inclusive grassroots organization of persons dedicated to empowering consumer/peer voice and recovery through services, education, and policies that foster wellness and full participation in the community.

Our largest program, the EVOLVE Peer Delivered Services program, provides peer support services in the greater Metro Portland area. With a belief in the individual as the expert and the director of their own path, we offer an array of support options for individuals seeking something different. Individuals enrolled in our program work with a team of Peer Support Specialists, who identify as having lived experience of mental health and/or addiction challenges, have made a commitment to their own recovery, have been specially trained and certified, and are willing to walk beside and support individuals navigating their own recovery journey.

This approach has been positive in that participants are more likely to maintain their recovery. Your donation allows us to continue to offer these services.


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