Elementary School Math Nights

Hosted by: Mathematics Department Outreach Michigan State University


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Ashley Ahlin

About Elementary School Math Nights

MSU students volunteer at occasional evening math nights held at local elementary schools. Opportunities are on weeknight evenings about once per month. Students will be trained to lead students through a game or math exploration and work at a station as families circulate.

Application Process

ALL MSU VOLUNTEERS SERVING YOUTH PROGRAMS must complete an MSU Background Check before becoming involved. Find the form here: https://givegab-user-content-givegab.netdna-ssl.com/documents/document/file/317/Riojas_HR_CBC.pdf

Return the completed form to K.C. Keyton of the MSU Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement via…
Scan and e-mail: keytonkr@vps.msu.edu
or Fax: 517.353.6663
or Mail / Drop Off:
556 East Circle Drive, Suite 345
Student Services Building
East Lansing, MI 48824


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

  • Education
  • Youth

Are a skilled:

  • Talker
  • Artiste
  • Mentor
  • Math Whiz

Are interested in:

  • Intellectual Pursuits
  • Reading & Writing
  • Geeking Out

We need volunteers to help with:

Whitehills Elementary School Math Night

November 13, 2014 5:00pm 8:00pm
This task is filled or completed
Help set up, work at stations where families can come to learn math games, and help clean up. Free pizza and training before the event (beginning at 5pm).
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Whitehills Elementary School Math Night

November 8, 2018 6:00pm 8:00pm
This task is filled or completed
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