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Marajowi is a small volunteer organization based in Nkhata Bay a small fishermen village on Lake Malawi (Malawi, East Africa), but run from the Netherlands (Europe) by Laura and Mauro. Back in 2010 they spent there approximately 1.5 months volunteering at a local shelter school, meant to keep extremely poor or orphan children out of the street outside regular school hours. The regular school these children attend provides less than basic education and some of the children did not know even how to read or spell their names. Once back in Europe, Laura and Mauro decided to keep helping at least some of these children and selected 4 of them on basis of their personal history: MAlita, RAmos, JOyce and WItness. The first two letters of their names compose the name Marajowi. Today these children are attending proper boarding school. Malita (who is hearing impaired and HIV positive) can now write, read and communicate with the sign language. Ramos successfully finished his primary education and started the secondary one. Joyce and Witness are doing very good at the primary school. All of them are extremely happy and they feel lucky of the opportunity they have been given. Honestly, they are also making the best out of it. Many more information on them can be found on our blog ( or on our facebook page (

Some people in Europe and some local contacts in Malawi are helping us daily to monitor these four children and make sure that whatever problem they have is taken care of in the best possible way. Marajowi is responsible for providing them with the school fees and all what revolves around them (e.g. school material, school uniform, clothes, transportation costs, medical expenses, pocket money etc). Laura and Mauro write regularly with the children and, through some local contacts, communicate with their families as well.

But what about all the other poor children of the shelter school? Some of them passed away, others are still at the school, others left for other villages together with their families. However, many many children are still there waiting for an opportunity to have a better education, for someone who can teach them at least how to read, write and count. With the help of some donors, a couple of years ago we started building a new shelter school (the owner wanted the old one back), but there is still a lot to be done. The roof has to be fixed, a floor put down and eventually windows mounted. Most of all we need volunteers willing to help with the construction work, supervise it and last but not least stay for some time to volunteer as teachers. Finding valuable people to teach is the most critical issue we are facing and one of the main reasons why the shelter project is not moving as fast as we would like it.


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