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Making Magic entails a great deal of "chopping wood and carrying water." If you enjoy hands-on work, either alone or with others, you can help. Plant and care for trees and other native species. Salvage usable materials from waste. Pick fruit. Build. Paint. Repair. Cook. Clean. Enter data. Make copies. We'll do our best to match your skills and preferences to available tasks.
If you've special expertise, you may be able to apply it to further Magic's public service. Because key Magic personnel are full-time volunteers, we're very grateful to health care providers who serve at reduced or no charge. Gifts of services from lawyers, accountants, marketers, writers, artists, graphic designers, editors, photographers, architects, structural engineers, researchers, policy advocates, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and computer consultants have leveraged Magic's modest money resources. If you've any of these skills or a host of others we omitted, please consider giving services to Magic.

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