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The Lowndes Community Foundation (LCF) is a local foundation, a tax-exempt charitable organization. Simply stated: It is a way that everyone can work together to make the community prosper. Its greatest strength – it allows everyone in Lowndes County to find a charitable voice and long-term improve the quality of life in the area. Through LCF, people—individuals, families, organizations, and companies – can in invest in the local community through whatever charitable passion they might have and improve the well-being of the county.

The Lowndes Community Foundation is an affiliate of CREATE Foundation, a 46-year-old public, charitable, community foundation. LCF is fortunate to have the full administrative support of CREATE in the management of its resources, including investment services, without the establishment and maintenance of an expensive administrative office. Although LCF’s endowment fund is invested and managed by CREATE, a local board of directors retains control over the money used for grants for projects aimed at benefiting the entire county.

LCF has awarded grants of more than $110,000 to 37 different organizations and projects in Columbus and other communities in Lowndes County since 2011. Funding for the grants comes from only the investment income earned by the foundation’s permanent endowment. The endowment grows as tax-deductible gifts are made to LCF by individuals, civic organizations, and the local business sector. As the permanent endowment grows, it will produce investment income to fund very significant benefits to communities in Lowndes County for years to come.

What does the Lowndes Community Foundation provide to community?

• Permanent endowments to address community challenges and opportunities long into the future
• Much needed funding for worthwhile projects
• Seed money for organizations
• Matching funds for grants from many other sources
• Funding for new community initiatives
• A flexible vehicle for charitable giving
• Greater charitable giving

Advantages for donors:

• Allows donors ability to give at home and build community’s charitable “savings account” - providing long term resources
• Donors receive the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving
• Many different donation vehicles accepted—cash, stock, retirement assets, bequest, real estate, personal property, insurance, charitable trust

Particularly attractive currently is the opportunity to donate stock that has appreciated greatly and receive the full tax benefit of the current sell value. For example, donors may give a tribute gift in memory or in honor of loved ones. Organizations, businesses, or individuals wishing to make a tax-deductible contribution to the long-range support of measures to improve our communities and our quality of life through LCF may contact Jan Eastman, Executive Director, at jeastma1@bellsouth.net or 662-534-3230.

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