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Lower Boise Watershed Council

Lower Boise Watershed Council

About Us

The Boise River is the jewel and lifeblood of the Treasure Valley. The river supplies water to grow food and other crops, recharges the aquifer, provides habitat for fish and wildlife and offers a myriad of recreational uses. Unfortunately, there’s too much sediment, phosphorus and bacteria in some reaches of the river – a problem that can only be solved through good science and effective collaboration.

The Lower Boise Watershed Council (LBWC) understands how water quality is linked to the quality of life - and economy - of the Treasure Valley. We use sound science and build strong partnerships to achieve on-the-ground improvements to water quality.

The LBWC has invested more than $1 million over the last 20 years in the collection of water quality and river flow data to measure conditions and monitor trends. Our partners at the U.S. Geological Survey provide accurate data that’s available to all interested stakeholders.

Lack of funding for installation of pollution control strategies is a challenge, and the LBWC has partnered with the Canyon Soil Conservation District to distribute about $700,000 of federal matching grants funds to farmers in the Treasure Valley. LBWC has been responsible for substantial reduction of pollution entering the Boise River and tributaries.

And the LBWC provided funding to the Ada Soil and Water Conservation District for purchase of equipment farmers use to grow cover crops and plant seeds without tilling the soil; a practice that improves soil health and reduces the flow of sediment and fertilizers off the field.

Your support allows the LBWC to bring stakeholders concerned with the water quality of the Lower Boise River watershed together to set pollution reduction goals and develop achievable action plans. By sharing information, negotiating differences, and coordinating actions, the Council has helped develop and implement water quality plans to protect this precious resource for over 20 years.

The LBWC has three key responsibilities – all of which require the broad cooperation your support makes possible:
• We advise Idaho DEQ on development of Clean Water Act-required water quality plans for the reduction of point and nonpoint source pollution in the Lower Boise River watershed.
• We recommend actions that point and non-point source dischargers can take to meet pollution reduction goals for the Boise River and its tributaries and encourage implementation.
• We have obtained and managed multi-year federal 319 grant funds to help landowners in the watershed reduce sediment, nutrient, and bacteria discharges.

Public involvement is encouraged through our Board meetings, Technical Advisory Committees, website, publications and presentations.

You can help us continue to achieve meaningful water quality progress by providing your support to the LBWC. The LWBC is a non-profit corporation, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We have a modest budget, with all our funds dedicated to our water quality work.


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