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Oxford Soccer Club Spring Volunteer

Hosted by: LOU Volunteer Connection


May 20 - May 21, 2017


Past Opportunity


Brooke Gobert

This is a past opportunity

About Oxford Soccer Club Spring Volunteer


All of these events directly benefit our club. It is important we get them staffed properly so we can continue to keep these functions coming to Oxford. *May 20-21 we understand all of our teams will be competing and may be difficult to commit but we need the help.

**Parking attendants will be 2 1/2 time slot. You will set up at park entrance to collect $5 per car fee to park.
**Field Marshal will be a 2 hour time slot. As field marshal you will be watching for anything out of the normal or to help if anyone has questions. If you see parents, coaches, refs, or anyone get out of hand you will have a point of contact to get in touch with.

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