Loaves and Fishes of Tompkins County

Loaves and Fishes of Tompkins County

About Us

In 1983, Ithaca residents and businesses came together to create Loaves and Fishes of Tompkins County – a community kitchen. This effort was in response to the needs of neighbors suffering from hunger and poverty. Loaves & Fishes continues to rely on the generosity of St. John’s church, community residents and businesses to fulfill its mission: to provide a place for free meals, hospitality, companionship and advocacy for those in need regardless of their faith, beliefs or circumstances.

Aside from one kitchen manager, our daily nutritious meal is made possible by 20 to 30 kindhearted kitchen volunteers. We also have trained advocacy volunteers who regularly share meals with guests. When needed they offer our guests non-judgmental and practical support. Additionally, over 20 social service agencies including Catholic Charities, Cornell University Lawyers, Ithaca Free Health Clinic, and Workforce NY provide direct outreach to guests during meal times. A Tompkins County Health Nurse provides our guests with twice monthly basic education and healthcare screenings. Local businesses like Clark's Market Dryden, Emmy's Organics, Gimme Coffee, Ithaca Soy, Panera Bread, Starbuck's, Susie's Seitan, The Piggery and many farms such as Early Morning, Ithaca Organics, Stick and Stone, West Haven, and Plenty of Poises regularly donate food and produce.

Serving nearly 3,000 free, nutritious meals each month, it is a great blessing to the community that after 33 years the Loaves & Fishes partnership with local businesses and residents is stronger then ever. Join us for lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or for dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Website: http://www.loaves.org/

We Care About

Poverty and Hunger
Health and Wellness

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Christina Culver
(607) 272-5457