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About Us

LINGOs, a non-profit organization, is the international NGO sector’s largest membership-based consortium dedicated solely to training and capacity building. It has a membership of over 80 international humanitarian relief, development, conservation and social justice organizations.
LINGOs has been a leader in curating, developing, and disseminating appropriate learning and development tools, technology and content to over 50,000 NGO staff in developing countries since 2004.
The PMD Pro certification, developed by a LINGO-led working group, provides project managers and team members working in the international development sector with training on the skills and tools need to successfully manage their projects.
Our Vision: Everyone working to improve lives in the developing world has the skills to positively impact the communities they serve.
Our Mission: We ensure that individuals and organizations within the international development, humanitarian and sustainability sectors have the right learning at the right place and the right time through:
Collaboration—maximizing the power of the Sector doing things together;
Localization—striving to serve people in their own communities by providing appropriate tools, language, and other capabilities;
Acceleration—seeking the multiplier effect through innovative models to extend the network, reach, and impact of learning;
Private and public sector participation—forging partnerships with organizations and individuals to deliver best-practice solutions at a fraction of the cost.


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