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World Bicycle Relief

Hosted by: Light Gives Heat


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About World Bicycle Relief


What does a bicycle mean to you? Does it mean freedom, sport, momentum, adventure, or livelihood?
For Corey and Lara it means all of these things and more. Reflecting on their careers as professional cyclists,
they couldn’t help but be struck by the power of the bicycle; it’s ability to open doors, create community and empower individuals.

Inspired by the work of Light Gives Heat (LGH) and the women of Uganda, they saw an opportunity to contribute and 'be the change they wish to see in the world.' Parterning with World Bicycle Relief, they aspire to donate bicycles to the women of LGH. Their hope is to share with them the power of the bicycle, it’s ability to provide independence and livelihood, as well as be used as an engine for economic and cultural empowerment.

The bicycles provided by World Bicycle Relief cost $150 each. It would cost $18,000 to provide 120 bicycles to our friends in Uganda. Check out our World Bicycle Relief page and see how you can be a part of changing lives by bringing bicycles to LGH employees in Africa.

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